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Gearscoot.com is an online community and marketplace dedicated to advancing the
renewable energy sector in the areas of electric mobility and solar power technologies.


Gearscoot Community is grounded on a mission to change people’s perception of electric mobility and renewable energy technologies. Our community focuses on the importance of looking toward a clean energy future and emphasises meaningful change in the present.


As a shopping aggregator we are focused on promoting accessible and cost-efficient renewable energy tech from national and international brands. If you’re shopping for an electric scooter, solar lamp for your backyard or a new solar power bank for your smartphone, we have them all.

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Whether it’s the modern electric mobility vehicles, solar powered household appliances or educational toys, Gearscoot wants to help you discover a new host of clean energy and cost-effective products that meet your individual lifestyle and budget needs.

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This is our home. We have a lot to offer to our communities and plenty more to give to our planet. By choosing to support clean energy transportation, you’re helping us change the way things are done.


We’re committing to a better future. By expanding your urban mobility options, we want to work with you and your needs to establish sustainable and reliable modes of city transportation. Urban travel should be safe, sustainable and supportive.


Electric vehicles are somewhat new, so be cautious. We want you to help us establish a sustainable system of urban transport, but we also want you to stay safe in this transition into electric mobility. If you live in an area where electric vehicles are not common, make sure you’re extra careful on the roads


In both global and local communities, we recognize the importance of the people driving electric mobility forward. People are the heart of the shift to clean energy – with your help, we can make a world of difference.

What We Stand For

Our Values


Our day-to-day business objectives are driven by the need for faster and broader adoption of the eco friendly and cost-effective technologies.


We’re more than just a marketplace. We are advocates for social awareness and education on eco-friendly and sustainable energy technologies.


Moving toward an era of renewable technologies particularly in the field of electric mobility is a constant reminder of the safety challenges we all face.


We are on a mission to make our local communities cleaner and our daily means of transportation less dependent on fossil fuels.

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