Electric Unicycles
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Unicycles Explained

Self-balancing unicycle is a primarily one wheeled and exciting form of transportation. Standard models have two stepping platforms on the opposite sides of the single-wheel structure.

Unicycles may be manual or electric. However, electric unicycles have become the go-to choice for stability and efficiency. One big advantage is that they come with a rechargeable battery. Electric unicycles rotate on the wheel axis based on the force applied, equipped with a capable engine and the one wheel configuration.

Models vary in wheel diameter, between 12 to 16 inches. Larger, hybrid models incorporate a 17 to 18 inch wheel. They operate much the same as other electric mobility vehicles with the unique twist of a single wheel, self-balancing characteristic. The advantage comes in from the fact that the bigger the wheel of your electric unicycle, the greater the snags you can overcome.

There are two common categories of electric unicycles: the standard electric unicycle and the sit-down electric unicycle.
Best used on flat paved roads

Standard Electric Unicycle

What is it

A one-wheeled transportation vehicle that runs on electric power. Built upon the same concept as the classic unicycle many recognize, this device is differentiated by the electric motor that facilitates single-wheel movement.
Unicycles use self-balancing tech and other features to ease travel.

Who is it for

For the curious traveler and the urban roamer, the electric unicycle provides ease of mobility without the boring commute.


Main Features

Durable Frame

Lightweight but sturdy frame made of magnesium aluminium alloy


Some models available with single lithium ion or dual lithium ion battery, typical power 1200W and 54.3V

All-terrain wheels on some models

12 to 16 inch tires for standard models with larger tires on sit-down/scooter hybrids

Incline capability

Most standard unicycles can take on angles of 25 degrees in uphill climbing

Typical range of up to 30 miles

On a full charge, get the distance you need
depending on where you’re going

Typical speed of up to 12 Mph

Different models offer higher/lower speeds,
but standard models can vary between 9mph and 18mph

Typical charging time of 3 hours

Like most compact devices, the standard unicycle
achieves full charge in 3 hours


Bluetooth connection capability and connectable apps on some models

Enhanced comfort and balance

Sit-down Unicycle

What is it

Different from the standard unicycle that has extending foot stands, the sit-down unicycle is a hybrid between a unicycle and a scooter. It offers the comfort of seated travel and the unique structure of one-wheeled mobility.
For a different travel experience, but an efficient, electric powered journey.

Who is it for

For the unique traveler and individual rider, this is a new, appealing option for urban mobility.

Main Features

Durable Frame

Like standard models, a lightweight but sturdy frame made of aluminium alloy


A typical voltage of 36V and motor power wattage of 500w

Comfort and control

The comfort and stability of seated transport in contrast to a standing, one-wheel experience

Climbing capability

Average uphill travel capacity of 30 degrees for steep environments

Typical range of up to 18 miles

On a full charge, get the distance you need
depending on 18 to 21 mile range choice

Typical speed of up to 15 Mph

Different models offer higher/lower speeds,
but standard model average max speed is 15 mph

Typical charge time of 3 hours

Charge time varies depending on model, but standard charge time for full battery power is 3 hours

Durable tires

17 to 18 inch tires for stable travel and sturdy transport on diverse terrain