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Solar Power Explained

In the simplest terms, solar power is exactly what it sounds like – a conversion of solar energy into functioning electric power for technical use. As a relatively new form of energy production on a mass scale, solar powered technology is constantly evolving and we’re learning to adopt it on different levels.

Solar energy is a foreign concept to many because it has not been widely adopted – not yet, at least. But renewable energy technology is reliable and sustainable in a way that makes it a bright prospect for the future. While we learn to embrace the novelty and possibilities of solar power, we will provide access to great products that can improve your lifestyle.

Even if that information isn’t appealing or meaningful to you, the different ways in which solar power can improve your lifestyle and gadget use are endless. From home appliances to sport accessories, the possibilities are yet to be seen.

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Portable, travel friendly, powerbank chargers

Solar Powerbanks

What is it

Just as the name suggests, a solar powerbank is a battery power storage unit that gets its energy from the sun. These kinds of charging devices are especially useful during camping trips when there are no electricity sockets to be found, but keeping charged equipment for emergencies is necessary.

Who is it for

For trekkers and adventurers, solar powerbanks are a great tool to keep your devices at full charge in outdoor environments.
Multipurpose appliances with solar/usb charge capability

Solar Light & USB Chargers

What is it

This device functions predominantly as a source of light in diverse environments – outdoors, indoors and anywhere in between. Powered by the sun, it can be used as a regular lantern as well as the flashlight. This particular device also comes with a micro usb charger as an alternative source of power.

More than just a lighting appliance it can also function as an emergency powerbank for phone charging.

Who is it for

For the outdoorsman or the home bug, the solar light hybrids boast a wide variety of use cases and environments.

Lights designed for outdoor gardens and back yards

Garden Solar Lights

What is it

Solar yard lights generate and store their own power in the day and release it at night.

One of the main advantages of solar lights is the fact that you don’t have to run any wiring for them making the installation both easy and cost-effective.

Who is it for

They are best used as back yard path lights as well as decorative accents creating warm and welcoming ambiance.
Available in various styles for both men and women

Solar Powered Watches

What is it

A solar-powered watch or light-powered watch is a watch that is powered entirely or partly by a solar cell.
Typically, sunlight and artificial light are absorbed by a solar panel behind the crystal. The dial is either on a layer above or actually on the solar panel which converts the light into electrical energy to power the watch.

Who is it for

Solar powered watches have features that fit into diverse lifestyles. Whether you are a casual wearer or a an active outdoorsy person, there’s a solar watch for everyone.

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